Biracial Hair Care

Gabriella's Hair Journey

Salon day

Salon day

Not what I exspected. She detangled her hair with a small tooth comb. I only use a seamless wide tooth comb. She detangled starting from the roots and not the ends. She blowed dried without putting on a heat protectant. She trimmed her ends but said she didn’t have split ends but said they looked raggedy. I’m cool with that and she evened her hair out. She said I’m using all the right products but too often. I have such mixed feelings right now. She said I was using all the right products but too often. She said a deep conditioner shld be once a month. I do it weekly. She said trim ends every 6-8 weeks. I say trim when needed only if not how will you retain length if you keep trimming. She combed with a fine tooth comb. I only use wide tooth comb. She didn’t apply a heat protectant before she blowed dried her hair. She applied a wax to her hair that dried and looks white and flaky. She was the owner of the salon and has been doing hair for 20 yrs and instructs at the local hair stylist school. Now what I learned a lot. That I can do her hair at home and do a good job. But I really liked her. She is very nice and listened to me and I told her my whole routine. She thinks I do too much. Something to think about though. Gabriella enjoyed the experience. She put it in a bun that lasted an hour and said it was too tight and heavy. So now it’s down. I prefer her big curly hair but this is pretty too. Day 56. We agreed on my protective styles only lasting from Sunday to wednes and then till Saturday when I pre poo for Sundays washing again. So that’s two protective styles per week.


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