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Gabriella's Hair Journey

Day 53 of HHJ & Gabriella’s birthday

Day 53 of HHJ & Gabriella's birthday

Birthday girl is 9 yo today!! She is rocking the two French braids I did Sunday night. So it’s day 3 of style and I’ll try to keep it until Friday night when I pre poo with coconut oil. And our hair salon apt is Saturday morning. My new thought of I’m wearing her hair down with the cantu leave in conditioner cream made me buy a leave in conditioner spray Infusium 23 spray. It’s a protein and one of the ingredients is castor oil. That’s a surprise to me. I’m spraying Alexandra’s hair with aloe Vera/water spritz. This aloe Vera sealant looks cool but I cldnt find it today at Walmart or Sally’s beauty supply store. Ugh!! I’ll keep using my homemade spritz for now. Oh and I’m trying to using the bagging method with Alex but trying to keep a bag on a 6 yo hair all night is almost impossible. Oh and I found a blogger with 3b/3c hair today called heyfranhey. I’ve been following bloggers with type 4 hair. This lady has 3 hair. Awesome!!


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