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New products!!!

New products!!!

I’m so excited I’ve heard so many good things about this product line. The spritz has lavender, water, sage and aloe Vera. It shld be really light. The curl custard cream will be new for me cause I haven’t let her wear her hair out in such a long time. Thank you Sabrina and merry Christmas to Gabriella and Alexandra!!


Baby doll for Christmas!!

Baby doll for Christmas!!

So glad they have ethnic baby dolls with curly hair so my daughters. This one is for Alex. I was thinking about trying the baking soda for low porosity. The cherry Lola treatment. It requires amino acid and yogurt. I’m sure tons of people have done it but it does sound scary. I’ll have to investigate more first. But I’m interesting still tweaking her low porosity issues.

Day 57-Day One after blow drying

Day 57-Day One after blow drying

So I let her wear her hair out for a little while. I love the textured and big look. Then I put it up in a protective style until Wednesday when I redo it. I applied JBCO to the edges and ends. Applied water/moisturizer spritz to the rest of her hair. I still can’t believe I haven’t blow dried it in 4 months. It’ll probably be that much time or longer next tine

Salon day

Salon day

Not what I exspected. She detangled her hair with a small tooth comb. I only use a seamless wide tooth comb. She detangled starting from the roots and not the ends. She blowed dried without putting on a heat protectant. She trimmed her ends but said she didn’t have split ends but said they looked raggedy. I’m cool with that and she evened her hair out. She said I’m using all the right products but too often. I have such mixed feelings right now. She said I was using all the right products but too often. She said a deep conditioner shld be once a month. I do it weekly. She said trim ends every 6-8 weeks. I say trim when needed only if not how will you retain length if you keep trimming. She combed with a fine tooth comb. I only use wide tooth comb. She didn’t apply a heat protectant before she blowed dried her hair. She applied a wax to her hair that dried and looks white and flaky. She was the owner of the salon and has been doing hair for 20 yrs and instructs at the local hair stylist school. Now what I learned a lot. That I can do her hair at home and do a good job. But I really liked her. She is very nice and listened to me and I told her my whole routine. She thinks I do too much. Something to think about though. Gabriella enjoyed the experience. She put it in a bun that lasted an hour and said it was too tight and heavy. So now it’s down. I prefer her big curly hair but this is pretty too. Day 56. We agreed on my protective styles only lasting from Sunday to wednes and then till Saturday when I pre poo for Sundays washing again. So that’s two protective styles per week.

Just having fun pre pooing

Just having fun pre pooing

Tomorrow morning is salon day. Think I decided not to blow dry and flat iron. It’s a treat but I need something more practical that I can do for her hair. Like teach me how to do a wash and go technique. That’s what I want and more practical. So pre pooed and wrapped her hair for the night. Can’t wait to post about our salon visit!! Here is a website for wash n go techniques. I like the second one

Day 54- salon day coming up soon!

Day 54- salon day coming up soon!

Low manipulation. I’m keeping her style from Sunday until Saturday when I pre poo for Sunday wash day. Saturday is our big salon day. Got an early 0800 apt. Yea!!..I don’t see any split ends at all. I wonder if she needs a trim anyway. Hhmm? I’m gonna bring all our products and review my regimen with her. Can’t wait to talk to a hair dresser. I haven’t seen I started our HHJ. I really want confirmation that I’m on the right road
: ) and I’m really considering letting her straighten her hair. Maybe?

Day 53 of HHJ & Gabriella’s birthday

Day 53 of HHJ & Gabriella's birthday

Birthday girl is 9 yo today!! She is rocking the two French braids I did Sunday night. So it’s day 3 of style and I’ll try to keep it until Friday night when I pre poo with coconut oil. And our hair salon apt is Saturday morning. My new thought of I’m wearing her hair down with the cantu leave in conditioner cream made me buy a leave in conditioner spray Infusium 23 spray. It’s a protein and one of the ingredients is castor oil. That’s a surprise to me. I’m spraying Alexandra’s hair with aloe Vera/water spritz. This aloe Vera sealant looks cool but I cldnt find it today at Walmart or Sally’s beauty supply store. Ugh!! I’ll keep using my homemade spritz for now. Oh and I’m trying to using the bagging method with Alex but trying to keep a bag on a 6 yo hair all night is almost impossible. Oh and I found a blogger with 3b/3c hair today called heyfranhey. I’ve been following bloggers with type 4 hair. This lady has 3 hair. Awesome!!

My daughters today for school

My daughters today for school

Alexandra 3b, low porosity and low density
Gabriella 3c, normal porosity and high density
Two beautiful heads of hair and two totally different heads. Their routines are soooo different. But it’s all about educating yourself and learning and doing what you gotta do. Alexandra’s hair I’m experimenting and I’m going to co wash her hair everyday for a week, leave in moisturizer daily and aloe Vera juice/water spritz everyday and see what happens. It’s all about finding out what works for her. Gabriella’s hair I will change the daily oil to grapeseed/almond oil instead of coconut and see what happens for the week. Experimenting : )

Too much oil? Weighing her hair down? It looks too moisturizer and weighed down to me. It’s stretched out and easier to style but I’m totally taking her curls out. I gave her a protein treatment and it looks beautiful but the I weighed it down. What’s a mom to do? So I’m thinking of just using coconut oil for a pre poo/hot oil treatment and go back to using the grapeseed/almond oil for daily sealing

Too much oil? Weighing her hair down? It looks too moisturizer and weighed down to me. It's stretched out and easier to style but I'm totally taking her curls out. I gave her a protein treatment and it looks beautiful but the I weighed it down. What's a mom to do?  So I'm thinking of just using coconut oil for a pre poo/hot oil treatment and go back to using the grapeseed/almond oil for daily sealing

Party time!!

Party time!!

Sleepover birthday party with 11 girls. She had a blast and I pre pooed her hair and wrapped her hair with her friends around and she was good with it. I was afraid she wldnt want to in front of her friends. I waited till late to do it. And some of her friends went home late the following day so I did her entire wash day routine including deep condition under the hair dryer. Her friends understand cause they do the same process. I did a protein treatment cause her hair was feeling a bit too soft. The ORS hair mayonnaise is medium and can be used biweekly so I’m cool with using it every other week if I see it needs it. I’m wondering if the ORS is the best protein treatment or if there is better. I’m a product snob. I want the best

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