Biracial Hair Care

Gabriella's Hair Journey

Day 42-Wash Day

Day 42-Wash Day

Did the green tea rinse today. So many benefits. But made her hair hard. I’m going to rinse it out next time. I applied the moisturizing deep conditioner over the tea rinse but not next time. So my pre poo was a hot oil treatment with warmed coconut oil (20 seconds in microwave) and applied and left on for 30 mins. Which was new cause I have always pre pooed the night before with coconut oil. So that’s two first for us. The pre poo hot oil treatment and the tea rinse. I air dryed until about 75% dry and then moisturized and sealed And wrapped for bed. It will finish drying through the night. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in the morning : ) it’s our 6 week hair anniversary!!!


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