Biracial Hair Care

Gabriella's Hair Journey

Two French braids

Two French braids

I decided to do a protective hairstyle that wld last 2-3 days. I’m still moisturizing and sealing once or twice a day but no combing. I talked with a hair dresser yesterday for a very long time and decided I’m gonna to take her to her in 6 weeks. I just cut Gabriella’s hair last week so we will see what her hair looks like in 6 weeks. They may not even need trimming. I’m not sure what exactly I want her to do to Gabriella’s hair but I told her I wld love to talk hair. I’m happy with the routine I’m doing with her now I’m not sure I want someone putting different products in her hair. And I’ve been told that it wld disrespectful if I brought my own products. I want to possibly wash her hair myself and allow it to air dry and take to Kim the hair dresser. And then I wld like her to moisturize and seal and cut and do a protective hairstyle. I think what I really want is someone to confirm that what I’m doing is working. Not sure what I’ll decide by then. I’ll put her hair in another style tomorrow night. I’m still contemplating co washing. Need more research.


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