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Day 42-Wash Day

Day 42-Wash Day

Did the green tea rinse today. So many benefits. But made her hair hard. I’m going to rinse it out next time. I applied the moisturizing deep conditioner over the tea rinse but not next time. So my pre poo was a hot oil treatment with warmed coconut oil (20 seconds in microwave) and applied and left on for 30 mins. Which was new cause I have always pre pooed the night before with coconut oil. So that’s two first for us. The pre poo hot oil treatment and the tea rinse. I air dryed until about 75% dry and then moisturized and sealed And wrapped for bed. It will finish drying through the night. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in the morning : ) it’s our 6 week hair anniversary!!!


Healthy Hair Journey Growth Chart

Healthy Hair Journey Growth Chart

Forgot to mention I made this shirt today. So cute cause she is small and everything is so compact. Lol. Not sure how long she will be able to wear this shirt but I’m ready to measure on wash day where her hair is. I’m guessing AL-armpit length or BSBL-below shoulder blade length. We will see. Not that I’m obsessing about hair or anything. Lol. I know I know patience is a virtue : )

Tea Rinse

Tea Rinse

Sunday wash day I’m going to try a tea rinse. The caffeine helps stimulate growth. I make green tea. 2 bags in 2 cups and allow to coolto room temperature. Pour on her head in the shower after shampooing and before deep conditioning her hair. You can use any kind of tea you like. They all have caffeine in them.

Love learning

Solid plan

imagePutting the pieces together is tough. Tons of info out there. But what I really red to do is listen to her hair. I need to assess her needs and not use a cookie cutter recipe. Cause her needs will change. Basic principles will remain the same but hair needs change from spring-summer-fall-winter. No two heads are the same. Her hair needs are unique and I want to be able to look at her hair and say it needs more moisture or more protein or I can wash her hair less than a week or wait more than 7 days if her doesn’t need it. So here is too learning her needs. Cheers 😊 and good link below on 8 great protein conditioners

I’m a hair snob!!

I'm a hair snob!!

I’m officially a hair snob. I love reading about hair and looks at pictures of hair but I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like many of the kids pictures of hair. I do like the adult pics but so many people tell me that I put her hair in adult hairstyles and not kids. It’s true but it’s just my preference. I love this twist and roll. I used about 5-6 bobby pins but it stayed for a couple days and protected her ends. I’m spritzing it daily with water and now the oil/condtioner/water mix.

Day 38- Our Products

Day 38- Our Products

Our got to haves
* bonnet hair dryer for deep conditioning
* Cantu Shea butter leave in repair cream daily use
* Shea moisture sulfate free shampoo used weekly
* Softsheen Optimum Deep conditioning masque weekly treatments
* Organic virgin coconut oil for daily use and pre-poo
* Shea moisture restorative conditioner for co-washing
* grapeseed/almond oil is a light oil for sealing
* Denman motified brush
* Hercules Sagemann seamless comb
* ORS Hair mayonnaise protein deep conditioner used every 4-6 wks as needed

Hair out

imageLet her wear her hair out for the first time in 5 weeks. She loved it!! She wore it out twice. In between going to the grocery store and church later that night I had it up. She kept fluffing it and enjoying her “big” hair as we call it. Instead of cross wrapping her hair as I’ve done for the entire 5 weeks every night I decided to leave it big and wrap her hair like in this YouTube video. I’m addicted to videos. We even made our own moisturizer today also using * Shea restorative conditioner * water * JBCO and mixing mixing mixing. Kind of a science project for us too. Lol

Stretching Hair

Stretching Hair

So I wld never let her go out in public like this. I do NOT like this look at all but it’s suppose to stretch her hair and make it straight so it’s easier to work with. I did an ACV 1/4 cup and water 3/4 cup rinse before I washed her hair and rubbed in her scalp and rinsed before applying sulfate free shampoo. Worked in four sections as usual. I detangled her hair in the shower with conditioner and the seamless comb. That was something new we tried today. It was cool and I didn’t completely detangle it. I later detangled when her hair was 70% air dried. I applied coconut oil and cantu leave in conditioner as usual.

Pre poo with coconut oil

Pre poo with coconut oil

I’ve had her hair in a goddess braid for a few days and took it and she loved the braid out look. The waves and liveliness of her hair. Our hercules Sagemann Magic star 5610 seamless comb came in yesterday. Exciting!!…feels so nice!!

Alexandra’s 3B hair

Alexandra's 3B hair

Reactions and tons and realized I’m so using the wrong products for her hair. She needs more moisture and her porosity is low. I bought the old Jheri curl creme also aloe Vera mixed half and half aloe Vera is suppose to seal the cuticle closed. So lets see what happens next. I sprayed her with water first and used the creme. Photos to come : )

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